Set of stirling silver Scottish Highlander pistols crafted by Alexander Campbell, 1750

Currently on display at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bertil Nilsson

gwynbleidd-senpai asked: just my kind of gurl. i'm a fucking loser and my English sucks so bad and you're the only one to put up with my shit. I feel kinda bad for swearing this much when talking to you, i'm so sorry ^^;;;; this message a mess bye

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wallenstone asked: Ok, I am painfully trying to remember how I followed you so I can send you the ask meme thing, but I really can't. Only vaguely bad memory of embarrassing private messages. I think you were a bit into black and white photography/gifs, and your blog seemed kind of ... dark and artistic? (Well, your blog is dark, non-metaphorical speaking. Silly black template.)

Oi, my silly black template is better than you. I don’t really remember anything either, besides wondering how to pronounce Jakob.

Anonymous asked: serious and reserved, polite, introverted, silently facepalming & sighing on people's shit... ;)

*elegantly falling down the stairs i didn’t notice while facepalming*

Your first impression of me? (Anonymous or not)

theon//19//bi//single ;D full-blooded ironborn && proud. PRiNCEE 0F W1NT3RF3LL, beeotch. fyi i dont give a fuck about fake bitches, so i could care less if you call me a turncloak cuz i do not give a fuck what people say about me i have always had haters and i LOVE it, ROFL. if you have something to say, you can say it to my FACE, hun. i follow back!! promo 4 promo.


Saint Sebastian, 1671 by Giuseppe Giorgetti


I want to meet you guys in real life but I don’t want you guys to meet me in real life



In Dutch, we don’t say amount, we say hoeveelheid, which would literally translate into howmuchness, which I think sounds absolutely moronic.

But I fully support it

❝ Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s so much noise, you know? So much static. All these voices competing for attention. Teachers, parents, magazines. What’s in, what’s out, who’s cool, who’s not cool enough. And it’s like all of this gets so loud I feel like I can’t even hear myself think. I just want to get in my car and drive. ❞
—   The First Time  (via fantasy-of-a-dreamer)   —